The influence of age

Different age groups respond differently to advertising engagement tactics.

Baby boomers

The older generation tends to have a longer attention span and is more receptive to established advertising and marketing practice. This is no surprise as much of the thinking around best practice has been developed based on older age demographics.

Generation X

The generation that grew up with MTV and the explosion of music video suggests Gen X-ers are more willing to invest a little more time to engage. Gen-X embraces idea of video storytelling to illustrate a song and there is a longer attention span. However, you have to pay off on the promise. Groves Music creates appropriate pieces or clients targeting Gen X.


Millennials are a digital native generation. They have grown up with it and take it for granted. However, advertisers and marketers cannot afford to take it for granted that they respond to the same practice as older generations. Groves Music works with clients targeting Millennials to drive engagement and standout on mobile in a noisy environment, to an age group that are continually distracted and which has a reduced attention span.